Boston Editorial Photographer

The Pickers

For the past several summers I have been working with Red Tomato documenting farms, and in particular farmworkers, along the East Coast.  It is by far my favorite thing that I get to do all year. Something about being out with the sun on my face and my feet in the dirt just really makes me feel good. Along the way I got to know a lot of the men and women that bring food to our table and have been honored to tell their story.  I'm looking forward to getting back out there again this year!

food photograph by Boston photographer Adam DeTour
Portrait of farmworker on apple orchard by Boston Photographer Adam DeTour
Portrait of farmworkers on New England Farm by Boston editorial photographer Adam DeTour.
Portrait of workers on a commercial farm taking a break by editorial. Boston based photographer Adam DeTour.
Portrait of farmworkers on a commercial apple farm in Massachussetts by Boston Photographer Adam DeTour
Commercial photography portrait of farmworker on Connecticut farm by commercial photographer Adam DeTour.
Editorial portrait of farmworker on farm in New England by Adam DeTour.

Edible Boston: Dancing Goats Dairy

One of my favorite assignments from Edible Boston's Summer 2015 issue was the story on Dancing Goats Dairy in Newbury MA.  I had the opportunity to go up to the farm, tucked away on a beautiful corner of Tendercrop Farm, and spend the day with owner Erin Bligh.  I rarely encounter people that so clearly love what they do.  As writer Deb Kaneb so eloquently puts it, "Pure joy radiates from Erin Bligh when she talks about her treasured goats and the journey that led her to build a goat dairy on the North Shore of Massachusetts last year."  

 Photographs made for Edible Boston Summer 2015 Issue.
 Photographs made for Edible Boston Summer 2015 Issue.

While we walked around the farm the baby goats followed Erin with bounding excitement wherever she went.  As I got to meet more of them it became clear that they each have their own personalities.  Some were curious, others boisterous, and some had a clear interest in being photographers!


After shooting the story at the farm I decided it would be a perfect place to start my first short film.  With a few days of filming I've collected a mountain of footage to sift through. Stay tuned in the coming months for the Dancing Goats movie!

Improper Bostonian: Bartenders Feature

I have, over the past year, spent a lot of time in bars around Boston.  That is, I have spent a lot of time photographing in bars around Boston for an upcoming self published book.  In that time I've thought a lot about what makes a great bar, and as simple as it sounds, its a great bartender.  Give me a dive bar with a great bartender over an expensive trendy bar any day. Great bartenders know that spirits can be as complex as wine and cocktails as nuanced as a delicious meal.  They know how to borrow from the past and innovate to create something new.  For this years Bartender's feature I got to photograph a few new faces and revisit a couple old friends.  Check out some of the outtakes from the shoot and keep your eye out for our book coming soon. Tyler Wang at Kirkland Tap and Trotter

Boston Cocktail

Bartender Nicole LeClair

Boston Cocktail

Bartender Kevin Mabry

Boston Cocktail

Bartender Ezra Star


Bartender Will Isaza

Boston Cocktail

Bartender Melinda Maddox

Boston Cocktail

Bartender Fred Yarm at the Russell House Tavern

Boston Cocktail

R. Murphy Knives: Edible Boston Winter 2014

R. Murphy Knives are made in Massachusetts - and have been for 163 years. With carbon steel sourced from Ohio, blades stamped out on a press from 1890, and often-reclaimed wood carved for their handles, their small team of craftsmen creates pure, local magic.  Read more at Edible.